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Box your wire nuts

We opened up a wall in a bathroom and this is what we found. See those wire nuts covered in electrical tape?  All wire nuts need to be in a box.   In any situation where a wire is cut and connected to another wire you must have a box. This is an electrical hazard that could start a fire and what if the wire connection were to become loose?  One would have to cut a hole (or several) in their wall just to locate and fix the loose connection.  If you find wire connections not in a box, call a licensed electrician immediately.

In this situation a homeowner called us out of Marietta to tell us they did not have grounding on half of their house. They just bought the house from someone who claimed to have had it remodeled. Sure the interior looked nice but when you got into the real construction it was obvious this was a DIY sort of project. This mess was found in the insulation of the attic!  Look closely, you can even see where bare wires are barely connected and are not even covered in electrical tape. BEWARE the do-it-yourself home remodel! Always have a licensed professional thoroughly inspect the electric when buying a new home. In this case, Poss Electric safely restored the wiring with the proper connections and placed them in the appropriate box. After fixing several more issues found just like this one, grounding was restored to the entire house. Poss Electric has the experience and knowledge to fix any residential wiring issue to code or better!


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