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Outlet Installation

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a shortage of electrical outlets when you have electronics or appliances that need to be plugged in. Whether you require more outlets, new outlet installation, or a replacement for damaged outlets.

Poss Electric is the expert in all types of outlet installation in Woodstock, GA.

Types of Electrical Outlets

Power lines bring electricity into the home, and circuit breakers distribute it. Outlets are connected via a wiring system to the circuit breaker. Not all electrical outlets are the same. In a home, there are a variety of electrical outlets that serve different purposes. 

Modern homes are fitted with electrical outlets with three prongs – two vertical slots on top and a bottom slot, which is a grounding hole. The grounding hole is important because it helps prevent an electric shock if any wiring comes loose. However, older homes are fitted with two-prong outlets, which do not have a grounding hole. These older, two-prong outlets are not safe and should be replaced with modern outlets as a matter of priority.

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Poss Electric installs the three-prong outlets as well as the following outlets in Woodstock, GA:

1. GFCI Outlet Installation

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) were initially designed for shock protection at swimming pools. Today, they are used in many areas where there are water sources, such as bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, garages, and crawl spaces. A GFCI outlet stops electric shock from occurring if a plugged-in appliance is drenched or falls into standing water. 

To keep you and your family safe, Poss Electric can provide GFCI outlet installation in any room where a water source is present.

2. AFCI Outlet Installation

Eaton’s Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs) detect electrical arcing and will stop the flow of electricity immediately. They do this by monitoring the electrical current in a circuit. AFCI outlet installation is required for:

AFCI outlets are designed for fire prevention. Call the experts at Poss Electric for your ACFI outlet installation.

3. USB Wall Outlet Installation

There are so many benefits to USB wall outlet installation. A USB outlet is an electrical outlet that has built-in USB ports alongside two normal, three-prong outlets. Not only do they provide much-needed charging spaces for all manner of phones and devices, but they don’t draw upon electrical power as plug-in sockets do. USB wall outlet installation is an ideal charging solution in any room.

Don’t risk dangerous electric shocks or an electrical fire in your home. Call Poss Electric for quality and fast outlet replacement, electrical repair, or installation

Outlet Installation in Woodstock, GA

Electrical outlet installation is a job that needs to be performed by professionals to guarantee that your home’s electrical system is safe and functional. When you hire a Poss Electric, you can rest assured that they are installing the correct outlet in the right way. Poss Electric has been installing residential electrical outlets in Woodstock, GA, for twenty years. We provide a full range of electrical services, so if you need a job done, we can do it. Call us today for your electrical repairs, electrical maintenance, and outlet installation.