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One of the amazing benefits of ceiling fans is that ceiling fans help circulate air and provide cooler airflow in the summer but what you may not know is that you can use your ceiling fan all year round to help your heating system preform more efficiently!  Warm air naturally rises so much of your heat is stuck at the ceiling.  Simply reverse the flow of your ceiling fan in the winter to gently force the warm air gathered at the ceiling down into the room!  You will notice the difference and see the savings on your monthly utility bill!  Poss Electric is ready today to help you get your ceiling fans in place with expert service and installation at an exceptional price!

Ceiling fans not only enhance the décor of any room, but ceiling fans also provide comfort and energy efficiency without taking up any counter or desk top space.  Currently there are hundreds of choices for every décor and lighting need.  Ceiling fans can be easily installed in any area of your home and there are even specially designed ceiling fans for outdoors on your patio or deck!  Ceiling fans are available with or without attached lighting and can be installed for easy operation with a standard switch, remote or even be paired with a phone or smart home system! Ceiling fan lighting options are available from a simple fan with light to an extravagant Fandelier or the newest thing in ceiling fans, the retractable ceiling fan!  The blades retract when not in use so you see them, and you can even choose to add a dimmer to provide just the right ambiance be it a romantic evening for two, a family celebration or just relaxing at home with the family! You simply select your desired ceiling fan from the many styles and colors available at your local hardware or home improvement store and let Poss Electric make it POSSible!  Our experienced electricians will arrive at your convenience, explain the installation process in detail and outline your pricing then professionally install your ceiling fans and clean up after themselves!


At Poss Electric you can count on your job being done right the first time!  Whether you are replacing an old ceiling fan, putting a ceiling fan where a current light fixture is located, or you need us to do the wiring and switches and install the ceiling fan Poss Electric can make it POSSible!  The team at Poss Electric has the know how and the right equipment to install ceiling fans inside as well as outside and the ability to safely reach standard ceiling heights as well as tall ceilings and vaulted ceilings. 

Our electricians understand the importance of safety with all our electrical installations, and we adhere strictly to National Electric Code when recommending the appropriate way to support and install your new fan.  Since all homes are different our expert electricians will evaluate your home’s construction and current fixtures to select the best method of support for your new ceiling fan to make sure it safe and stable.  Our Poss Electricians are carefully screened, trained and selected to ensure you receive the very best service.  Each member of the team is required to attend rigorous training sessions regularly and keep up to date on the latest codes and standards so you can be confident your new ceiling fan will not only look great but operate correctly and safely for years to come. You will never have to worry about personal injury or damage to you home because Poss Electricians will always be sure to follow the NEC approved guidelines ensuring a quality install and an attractive finished product!
Poss Electric cannot wait to help you realize your dream design and optimum functionality with a new ceiling fan.  Imagine the POSSibilities with your new ceiling fan and lighting artfully installed by our team of expert electricians and your peace of mind and satisfaction knowing the job was done right.  Your first step is to make that call to Poss Electric, your Home Electrician where exceptional quality and electrical service are the standard and your needs come first.

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