Kitchen Lighting

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Short of doing an entire kitchen remodel, updating your kitchen lighting is one of best ways to make an impactful change in your space. 

From the look of the fixtures to the varying ambiance that lighting can be used to create, an update to your lighting kitchen’s lighting solutions can completely transform the look and feel of the heart of your home. 

For homeowners in Woodstock, GA, the process of updating your lighting couldn’t be easier. With Poss Electric as your local neighborhood electrician, you can rest assured that the job will be done right and at a fair price! 

Kitchen Lighting Design: What Is Layering?

Layering lights is a concept that refers to arranging lights of various levels of brightness thoughtfully throughout a space. In this case, it means incorporating several kinds of lights into the kitchen in a functional, cohesive manner.

One of the first things you’ll need to think about when you set out to update your kitchen lighting is how you’ll want to layer your lights. 

If you’re like an average homeowner, when you bought your house, your kitchen likely came with an overhead light installed. This rudimentary light’s only purpose is to illuminate the space. 

While one light can illuminate the kitchen, it’s really the bare minimum. Kitchen lighting can offer so much more!

The Three Essential Light Layers For Your Kitchen  

The ideal kitchen lighting setup includes three layers of light. This layered approach keeps the shadows at bay, reduces glare, and focuses the light where you need it most.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the soft overhead light that serves as the base layer of illumination for your kitchen. It’s the light you flip on when you’re just making a quick trip to the kitchen. 

Ambient lighting fixtures generally include overhead lights that are mounted to your ceiling, such as:

  • Recessed lighting
  • Flush mounts
  • Chandeliers
  • Pendant lights

These lighting fixtures should provide glare-free illumination for your kitchen and closely mimic natural daytime light. 

Task Lighting

With the base layer already in place, task lighting is the second layer to come into play. As the name implies, task lighting assists you in performing tasks around your kitchen by focusing light in specific areas. Task lights are often used over islands and above food prep spaces. Task lights can also contribute as under cabinet lighting.

Some options to consider are: 

  • LED strip lighting
  • Recessed downlights 
  • Puck lights

These lights can be turned on for extra brightness while you’re working in specific areas of the kitchen or used to simply lend a little more brightness to the space as a whole. 

Accent Lighting

The last layer of lighting is all about adding depth to the design of your kitchen. Accent lights brighten up the dark areas of your space while lending to the overall aesthetic. 

Examples of kitchen accent lighting include: 

  • Wall sconces
  • Glass cabinet lights
  • Toe kick lighting 
  • Track lighting

Accent lights are more about aesthetics than functionality, but when used in conjunction with the other layers of light, they lend a pleasing ambiance to your kitchen.

How an Electrician Can Make Your Kitchen Lighting Dreams a Reality

Swapping out a light fixture here and there might not seem like a big deal, but for anything more than that, it’s a good idea to have an experienced electrician in your corner. 

At Poss Electric, our professional electricians can help to make the process of redoing your kitchen lighting easy. Here are just some of the ways we can help. 

Choosing the Best Places for Your Kitchen Lighting Installations

Never layered lighting before? We’re happy to help! 

Since 2005, our team of master electricians has been assisting homeowners in Woodstock, GA with their home lighting projects. We can take a look at your kitchen and quickly determine the ideal locations for your new lights. 

Seamless Kitchen Lighting Installations

No matter where you want your lighting to be installed, we can make it happen. We have the skills and expertise to make sure each and every installation we perform is done safely and with superior workmanship.

Customize Your Lighting Experience

When you have your lighting professionally installed you have the option to customize everything about the experience. Poss Electric’s master electricians can help you determine what types of switches you want for your kitchen and install them anywhere you want. 

Whether you want dimmer switches to help set the mood or multiple switches installed in convenient locations, we can make it happen.

Electrician Near Me

If you’re in need of a Woodstock electrician you can rely on, Poss Electric is just a call away. With convenient financing options available, a dedication to superior workmanship, and unparalleled customer care, we can offer a full range of electrical services to make your home functional, comfortable, and most importantly, safe. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help with your kitchen lighting project.