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Landscape Lighting

Let Poss Electric light up your life with beautiful and functional landscape lighting!

There are so many reasons to add landscape lighting around your home and Poss Electric’s team of qualified electricians are happy to help.  From the design and layout to switch and timer options Poss Electric makes it easy to create beautiful outdoor living spaces that you can enjoy all year round.  Landscape lighting gives you the opportunity to highlight the beautiful areas of your lawn and garden and provides an additional layer of safety and comfort for you and your guests after the sun goes down!

Imagine extending your living space into the back yard.  With expertly installed landscape lighting from Poss Electric you can do just that.  Illuminate garden paths and the patio to create a magical atmosphere.  Use lighting to add interest to specific areas or highlight a tall tree, a collection of flowers in your garden or a water feature.

Poss Electric can strategically install lighting around a patio, deck or entertaining area creating a safe and well-lit area for entertaining.  You and your guests will be delighted with the warmth and ambiance the right landscape lighting adds to your yard.  Your next outdoor gathering will last well into the evening with some lights coming with a dimmer features available that allow the children to play in a well-lit area and later you can lower those light for a more romantic mood for you and your spouse.

Landscape lighting is not only beautiful, but also functional!  Landscape lighting around your home provides an added layer of safety.  No more stumbling about in the dark when entering or leaving your home.  You will also have peace of mind knowing that you and your guest will be less likely to trip and fall if the paths and sidewalks around your home are well lit.  You will want to install landscape lighting around patios and decks, near pools, in seating areas and in all high traffic areas.  Landscape lighting also protects you against being sued for damages from passers by who might accidently slip and fall near your property.

Not all guests are welcome, and it goes without saying that landscape lighting is a definite deterrent for intruders.  Burglary is the most common threat to your home and property.  Letting Poss Electric install flood lights in dimly lit areas around your home greatly reduces the chance that a burglar will approach, and flood lights are available with motion sensors that will immediately detect movement and light up when anyone is near.  Timers are also available for all your landscape lighting allowing your lights to come on even when you are away giving the appearance that someone is home. You will enjoy coming home in the evening knowing the path to your entry way and patio are protected with motion lights. 

Landscape lighting adds curb appeal and value to your home.  Poss Electric can install landscape lighting to enhance architectural features of your home and create a welcoming glow around your entire home.  Since landscape lighting is always in style and very functional you can rest assured that you will receive a return on your investment should you ever decide to sell your home.

From post lights to path lights, down lights to spotlights landscape lighting comes in a vast array of styles to light every area and every need.  Landscape lights can be bold and bright or soft and warm.  Picture colored lights in your garden beds for a subtle glow in the evenings or brighter lights over your bar-b-que area where it is important to see.  Stringing lights overhead in the patio area adds a festive touch to outdoor entertaining and path lights at ground level provide safety and beauty on uneven surfaces.

No matter what your vision Poss Electric’s skilled electricians are here to walk you through the entire landscape lighting process.  You can be confident that our team will do the job right the first time and you will be thrilled with the character and ambiance that Poss Electric will add to your home with proper landscape lighting.  Poss Electric is your home electrician and at Poss Electric we are committed to making your home shine with beautiful, functional and long-lasting landscape lighting.

Call us today at 404-787-7262 and let Poss Electric get started making your landscape lighting vision a POSSibility!






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