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For over 15 years, Poss Electric has been a trusted partner for our customers needing electrical repair. Whether you have faulty wiring or need outlet repair, we’re the go-to electricians for homeowners throughout Woodstock, GA.

Customers come to us for our impeccable maintenance standards paired with great customer service to match. At Poss Electric, we have the training, tools, and expertise to provide electrical repair services of all types. Our work puts homeowners at ease and gets properties up and running correctly in no time.

From electrical panel repair to dealing with flickering lights, we take on all kinds of electrical projects. When circuit breaker repair is needed, or a ceiling fan repair would make all the difference, homeowners across Woodstock count on us to keep their homes in top shape at all times. We’re happy to answer the call!

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At Poss Electric, our team of talented technicians can handle repairs across all types of properties. We make it simple to find an electrician that can take care of repairs in single-family homes, townhomes, mobile homes, and beyond. Our versatile electrical repair services include everything from lighting repair to full electrical panel workups as needed. While our team is readily available to take care of electrical repair issues during regular business hours, we also understand that electrical malfunctions can happen at any time. To that end, we are proud to provide our Woodstock, GA, customers with access to emergency services when electrical problems arise at inconvenient times. When the electricity goes out unexpectedly, we’re always here to help.
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Signs You May Need Electrical Repair in Your Home

Issues with   components can be an inconvenience. Unfortunately, they can also prove risky to your well-being if left unattended. That’s where the technicians at Poss Electric come into the picture.

We’re here to help when things go wrong. However, we can also help homeowners across Woodstock, GA, recognize the signs that it may be time for electrical repair services.

Even something as simple as a light switch repair can make a big difference in home safety standards. The following are a few signs to watch in your home that indicate it’s time to give us a call!

Buzzing Noises

Often, audible symptoms accompany electrical issues and indicate there’s a serious problem at hand. Many homeowners who report a constant buzzing sound in their residence can count on an electrical issue as the source. Don’t hesitate to fix this issue! 

A faulty electrical component will buzz beyond the normal sound appliances like refrigerators make. This sound frequently stems from underlying wiring issues in the home.

In some cases, a buzzing noise stems from overloaded wires carrying more voltage to appliances than they’re designed to handle. In other situations, the issue results from old wiring.

If your home has old wiring systems in place, a technician will need to rewire the system as soon as possible. Old wiring that’s not up to code can easily lead to shortages and potential fires.

Frequent Electricity Shortages

A circuit breaker plays a big role in how a home handles an influx of electricity. This electrical feature is designed to short the electrical flow when there’s a power surge.

Shutting down the electricity in this way prevents electrical overheating and potential fires. However, over time, circuit breakers can begin to cut off electricity at random times instead of exclusively when power surges. Intermittent electricity outages of this kind are a good indication it’s time for circuit breaker repair services.

Similarly, an overloaded circuit breaker can be a big safety issue in the home. If your circuit breaker doesn’t have an automatic shut-off feature, an electrical overload can quickly cause sparking and post a fire hazard. In both scenarios, having a technician perform a repair or replacement is essential.

Small Shocking Incidents

It’s happened to most of us before. You go to plug in an appliance a blowdryer, a phone charger and, when you come into contact with the energy source, you get a little shock or see a little spark!

Once in a while, this incident isn’t too concerning. But receiving a minor shock every time you plug in (or unplug) an appliance in your home is a problem!

Regularly receiving a mild electric shock when you touch a light switch or unplug a toaster is a sign that it’s time for electrical repair. It often points to an overall problem with wiring that needs to be professionally evaluated.

While you’re waiting for a Poss Electric technician to come to take care of the problem, make sure you take some precautionary measures. When unplugging appliances, touch the metal prongs to a wall or sofa immediately to discharge any potential leftover electricity.

Flickering Lights

From time to time, it’s normal for a light or two to flicker in a home. However, if flickering lights become the standard, it’s time to call a technician and get electrical repair services lined up.

A light that flickers just once in a while often means your light bulb (or bulbs) need to be changed. It could also stem from a light bulb that’s been installed with the incorrect wattage.

However, lights that constantly flicker throughout a property are often linked to faulty wiring and need further evaluation. At Poss Electric, our team can carefully look at each flickering light and pinpoint the electrical problem behind the situation.

Popping Sounds and Burning Smells

Just as appliances linked to faulty wiring can cause sparks, they can also create a popping sound followed by a burning smell when unplugged. These effects can occur at a single outlet as easily and quickly affect multiple outlets depending on the electrical damage within.

Do you notice popping sounds at any of your outlets regularly? Are those sounds accompanied by a burning smell or odor? Call Poss Electric as soon as possible. In many cases, the issue lies with a circuit or loose wiring, either of which will need immediate repair.

In the meantime, we also advise you to turn off the home’s electricity if these symptoms become severe. Once our professional team arrives at your home, we’ll handle reconnecting the electricity once we’ve solved your problem and restored your system to normal operation.

Loose Power Outlets

A loose power outlet in the home is more than an annoyance when you go to flip the switch. It can actually be a dangerous electrical issue that requires quick repair.

Every power outlet is attached to an electrical box, which is installed behind the wall. If the box is (mistakenly) located too far back, the outlet may wiggle loose. A misplaced power outlet can even break wires over time, leading to sparks or even fires in the home.

An outlet receptacle may wear down and detach in some situations, resulting in a loose power outlet. Because outlets are always attached to live electricity, replacing the receptacle is a job best left to a professional electrician.

Comprehensive and Versatile Electrical Repair Services

Many electrical repair needs are standard and expected. However, at Poss Electric, we know that every property comes with unique requirements.

That’s why we’re happy to offer our customers a wide variety of electrical repair services specific to a home’s features. We can handle switch and outlet repair and replacement services as well as indoor lighting repair and outdoor lighting replacement.

Our electrical repair services extend to breaker panels as well as complete home wiring standards. Whether you need generator wiring repair, smoke detector installation, or surge protector electrical repair options, we have you covered.

Our electrical repair options can help get the wiring on track for summertime success for homes with pools and hot tubs. We’re also well versed in electrical repairs that help homes become more energy-efficient overall.

Keep Electrical Repairs Aligned with Local Codes

At Poss Electric, we always deliver up incredible results. We do this while keeping meticulous safety standards a priority.

Electrical repairs require incredible attention to detail. Customers can rest easy knowing our trained technicians take time to attend to every last one.

The likelihood that your Woodstock, GA, home will require electrical repair at some point is relatively high. When it’s time for repairs, knowing you have a team of technicians at your side who adhere to strict safety codes is key to success.

Wires and circuits are complex, and the risk involved in overlooking safety elements should never be ignored. Hiring a licensed electrician through Poss Electric is a sure way to guarantee excellent results. It also lets you know that your home remains up to code at all times.

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High-quality service and efficient electrical repair aren’t something homeowners in Woodstock, GA, should have to search for. Find everything you need and more when you partner with the technicians at Poss Electric! We provide comprehensive electrical services that keep homes running their best. Our attention to safety details is unprecedented, making us a trusted and true area partner.  Reach out to us today to learn more about our many services and schedule your appointment. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!