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Under-Cabinet Lighting in Woodstock, GA

For decades, Woodstock, GA, was overshadowed by nearby Nashville and Louisville.under cabinet lighting However, it has recently come into its own as a bustling suburb in the Atlanta metropolitan area. This surge in growth over the last decade and a half has led to Woodstock, GA, residents having access to top-notch service providers in various industries.

Poss Electric is proud to count ourselves among the many new providers that have expanded our services to include Woodstock, GA, residents. We are a full-service residential electrical company that handles everything from simple repairs to whole-home rewiring.

One of our more popular offerings in recent years is under-cabinet lighting. This simple and affordable upgrade can drastically improve the lighting in your home and change the aesthetics of a room. If you have contemplated revamping the light fixtures in your Woodstock, GA, home, give us a call and obtain a free quote on under-cabinet lighting.

Types of Under-Cabinet Lighting Electrical Upgrades

When we say that Poss Electric does it all, we mean it. Our team offers a full array of under-cabinet lighting upgrades for your residence. Poss Electric’s under-cabinet lighting options include the following:

Puck Lights

Often referred to as spots, puck lights are very popular. They’re named for their hockey puck shape. These cylindrical light fixtures create cones or pools of light rather than illumination across the whole countertop, making them great for cabinets and displays. If spaced too widely, they will leave dark areas, so be wary of that.  However, puck lights look great when installed properly. These round lights are installed in recesses in your ceiling. While it may not seem like much of a difference, it actually makes a room appear larger and more streamlined.

LED Strip Lights

This flexible circuit board is arguably the most popular under-cabinet lighting option on the market today. LED strip lights (also called LED tape or ribbon lights) have a flat, low-profile shape, making them perfect for concealed placement beneath your cabinets. These lights are very versatile. You can place them where no other kind of lightning can go! LED strip lights are also highly adaptable. Do you have a small or large under-cabinet area to light? No problem. You can cut your LED strip light to any desired length.  In terms of application, LED strip lights are suitable for accent lighting, general lighting, and backlighting. Homeowners even use them for coves, refrigerators, and indoor gardens. With this lightning option, installation is extremely straightforward. The strips come with a 3M adhesive on the back. Simply peel the tape backing off and apply the LED strip lights wherever you wish. If you need to light in a tough spot, don’t worry. LED strip lights can bend 90 degrees. 

Benefits of Under-Cabinet Lighting

As discussed above, under-cabinet lighting is becoming commonplace in modern homes due to its many benefits. Here are some of the most enjoyed advantages of under-cabinet lighting.

Low Profile

Under-cabinet lighting allows you to eliminate dark spots and improve the aesthetics of a room. Since these light fixtures are out of sight, they will not disrupt the current décor or break up the natural lines of a room.


Traditionally, under-cabinet lighting was only used in kitchens. However, it is making its way into other areas of the house, as well. If you are looking to modernize your home’s lighting, Poss Electric can help you choose the perfect fixtures to match your residence. We can install under-cabinet lighting and high-powered LEDs virtually anywhere in your home.

Is Under-Cabinet Lighting Expensive?

No, under-cabinet lighting is actually quite affordable. In addition, there are surprise savings associated with under-cabinet lighting, especially if you opt for LED bulbs. These high-efficiency bulbs last longer and require less electricity, saving you money and saving the planet, too. With that said, installing these lights is not a DIY project. It would be best if you left it to the professionals at Poss Electric. We will come out to your home and assess your lighting needs. Once we finish, one of our friendly team members will provide you with a free quote. We believe in doing business with integrity and transparency. That is why we are always upfront about pricing. We can even give you quotes on various equipment options so that you can find the perfect under-cabinet lighting package for your home and budget.

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