Boat Dock Electrical Inspections

Boat Dock Electrical Inspections in Woodstock, GA

Over the last few decades, the population of Woodstock, GA, has exploded. The bustling city is no longer a pit stop on the Louisville/Nashville railroad.

For long-time Woodstock residents, the growth comes as no big surprise. The city is just a short drive from the greater Atlanta metro area and is even closer to the massive Allatoona Lake. Many residents have taken advantage of being so close to the lake by having docks installed along the shoreline.

Unfortunately, far too many residents fail to have their boat docks properly inspected by professional electricians. Thankfully, the service area of the Poss Electric Company includes Woodstock and surrounding areas.

Our experienced electricians offer affordable boat dock electrical inspections as part of our residential services. We can make sure that your boat dock is safe and secure for the upcoming boating season. Our contractors can even make necessary upgrades if your current electrical equipment is a bit dated.

What is ESD?

Whether you are new to recreational boating or have been hitting the lake for years, you have likely heard the phrase “ESD.” However, you might not know just what it is or why you should be mindful of it.

Simply put, ESD stands for electric shock drowning. ESD is a notorious silent killer on waterways nationwide. ESD can occur when an electrical current surges through the water from boats or other sources, such as your dock’s equipment.

ESD can put you and your loved ones in danger in multiple ways. Sometimes, the electrical current is strong enough to cause death. However, most of these currents will only paralyze the victim, which leads to drowning.

The best way to guard against ESD is to contact licensed electrical professionals like Poss Electric Company. We will inspect every inch of your dock’s electrical system and ensure that it is safe. After we are finished, you will have the peace of mind to enjoy your dock all summer long.

What Do Boat Dock Electrical Inspections Include?

At Poss Electric Company, we believe in treating our clients like family. We will make sure that your dock is so safe that we would be willing to let our loved ones use it.

When you partner with us for a boat dock electrical inspection, we will thoroughly assess your dock using our checklist. During a boat dock electrical inspection, we will:

  • Check the feeder from the main panel
  • Inspect the conduit
  • Inspect the junction box
  • Perform a function test on all GFCI outlets
  • Check all grounding conductors
  • Inspect dock ladder (if present)
  • Inspect any switches and breakers (and replace if necessary)

As you can see, we leave no stone unturned during our boat dock electrical inspections. We will identify any areas of concern and make you aware of them. 

Our fully equipped trucks contain the parts our team needs to make repairs during the very same service call. This means that you will not spend weeks waiting on a follow-up visit to have the necessary repairs done.

How Often Do I Need a Boat Dock Electrical Inspection?

Generally, we recommend that you schedule a boat dock electrical inspection at least once a year. Usually, we suggest that clients book their inspection just before boating season.

However, if your dock is subjected to any severe storms or suffers any damage, then it is essential that you book a secondary inspection. Even if you think that your dock made it through the weather unscathed, it is better to use caution anytime that you are dealing with high-powered electrical currents.

Are Boat Dock Electrical Inspections a DIY Project?

Any electrical work should be left to licensed electricians. While painting a fence or improperly installing a mailbox has minimal repercussions, mishandling electrical equipment can be deadly.

Many people have misconceptions about the cost of professional electrical services. While we cannot speak for our competitors, Poss Electrical Company gives our clients access to affordable electrical contracting services. Take your family’s safety seriously this boating season by booking your boat dock electrical inspection.

The Top-Quality Electrician Near Me

As you can see, having regular boat dock electrical inspections is essential if you want to safely enjoy your time on the water. We have flexible appointment times, friendly service, and great prices. 

Remember, we also offer a full array of residential electrical services. We are a do-it-all electrical contracting company that proudly serves residents of the Woodstock, GA, community. So what are you waiting for? Contact Poss Electrical Company and book your boat dock electrical inspection today!