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Dealing with an electrical emergency yourself can be unpredictable, frightening, and dangerous. When electrical emergencies arise, you’ll need a team of electricians that’s fast and reliable. You could even be without power until the problem is resolved.

Contact Poss Electric today if you experience a temporary loss of power, notice sparking wires, or smell a strange burning odor.

These are all warning signs of a significant electrical problem, and it’s imperative to fix it before it causes substantial damage.

At Poss Electric, our experienced electrician team prioritizes your safety and comfort. Our team is assembled with highly trained and certified electricians who are ready to address your electrical issues 24 hours a day.

If you require electrical services in Roswell, GA, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

At Poss Electric, we provide a full suite of electrical repair and services.

Electrical troubleshooting

There’s no electrical problem our electrician team can’t handle. No matter how big or small the electrical issue is, we’ll work quickly to solve the underlying issue effectively.


Roswell Electrical Repair

When you need an expert to conduct an electrical repair at your home in Roswell, GA, Poss Electric is here to help. Our experienced and licensed electricians perform various electrical repair services each day. You can count on us to finish the job quickly and correctly the first time we arrive.

The risk of electric shock and property damage is too significant for electrical jobs. That’s why homeowners should keep Poss Electric on speed dial in case of any emergencies in Roswell, GA.

Here are a few home electrical repair services we offer at Poss Electric:

Circuit Breaker Replacement

If your circuit breaker continually trips, replacing it with a higher capacity circuit breaker can fix the issue. This way, you can ensure your appliances will work when you need them.

However, it’s essential to remember that replacing your circuit breaker may also require the installation of higher capacity wiring inside the circuit.

Wire Replacement

Old and outdated wiring can cause power outlet malfunctions and house fires. Aluminum wiring was commonly installed in the 1960s and 1970s, posing a major fire risk today. If you have old wires, contact us immediately. 

Electrical Outlet Replacement

Existing two-prong outlets don’t meet building codes anymore in Roswell, GA. It’s essential to stay up to date with modern electrical safety outlets.

Upgrading your electrical outlets will protect your home and offer more reliable power delivery. Call us for more information.

Fuse Box Replacement

If you have an outdated fuse box, replacing it with a modern circuit breaker panel could be the most impactful repair to enhance your home’s electrical system performance.

Roswell Electrical Panel Upgrades

Your home’s electrical panel regulates the electricity flowing throughout your house. If a circuit demands too much electricity, a circuit breaker is tripped in your electrical panel to prevent electricity from overloading the wire. Otherwise, an overload would start a fire, so the electrical panel’s job is to regulate the electricity in your home and keep you safe.

However, electrical panels have a more challenging time keeping up with increased electrical demands as your home gets older. For this reason, we recommend calling the licensed electricians at Poss Electric and getting your electrical panel inspected if your panel is older than 25 years.

Residential Lighting

At Poss Electric, we’ll take care of all of your lighting maintenance and installations. We can handle any job, from kitchen and ceiling lighting to a chandelier and landscape lighting.

Our goal is to ensure your lighting is energy efficient, reliable, and comfortable when it comes to lighting. For this reason, make sure to contact us when lighting issues arise in your home in Roswell, GA

The Team of Electricians You Can Rely On

At Poss Electric, we offer the most dependable electrical services in Roswell and the surrounding area. Our number one priority is to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our services.

If an electrical problem is plaguing your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly professionals at Poss Electric. Give us a call today!