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Home electrical wiring is a big job done best by qualified professionals. Poss Electric has been performing high-quality electrical repairs and upgrades in Woodstock, GA, for 20 years. There’s nothing we don’t know about home electrical wiring, electrical outlet wiring, or electrical rewiring. 

Whether you have a new residence, a home addition, or a renovation, we are the experts in all types of electrical wiring. Working with electricity can be dangerous, and the highly experienced, licensed electricians at Poss Electric will ensure that your electrical wiring job is done to the highest standard. 

Starting with the Basics

When any type of wiring is being done, it is essential to use the right type of wire or cable.  

Electrical wire is a material generally made of copper that conducts electricity. It’s either stranded wire or a solid metal wire, usually insulated in a plastic coating. Cable is different, because it combines two wires—sometimes more—in a plastic coating. The most commonly used cable is non-metallic (NM). 

NM cables contain a neutral wire, a ground wire, and one or more current-carrying wires known as the hot wire. They are the most commonly used indoor home wiring, and they are color-coded according to how many amps they contain. They are used for switches, light fixtures, and electrical outlet wiring. 

Other types of wires and cables that are used for electrical wiring of homes are:

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Armored Cable

These cables are durable and protective. They are ideal for areas where they can get wet, as the armored cable is waterproof and corrosion-resistant. You can also run them underground.

Low Voltage Wiring or Cabling

Low voltage wiring is the electrical network used for digital technology and communication. This includes HVAC thermostats, alarm systems, security cameras, telephones, cable TV, and more. 

Underground Feeder Cable

An electrical wire that you can bury underground is called an underground feeder cable (UF-B). It can be buried with or without a conduit and usually runs from one building to another smaller facility. 


These single conductors covered with a plastic conduit are commonly used for wiring short connections. They are mostly used in garages or basements or for equipment such as water heaters. The letters stand for:

Both wires are similar, but the difference is in their maximum temperature when used in wet conditions. 

Data and Phone Wires

The wiring for data and phones is low-voltage, with category five offering the highest efficiency and quality necessary for your communication needs. This wiring includes land-line telephones and internet connections. 

It is crucial that all electrical wiring is installed correctly so that your home appliances and equipment run efficiently and safely. 

Professional Electrical Wiring in Woodstock, GA

At Poss Electric, we can install new wiring or upgrade your existing wiring. We also offer:



Poss Electric can perform electrical rewiring or upgrade existing wiring in your home. Older properties often need an upgrade or electrical rewiring as they age and degrade over time. Older wiring can become corroded or unsuitable for technological advances and newer appliances. 

Outlet Wiring

We have you covered whether you need new electrical outlet wiring in a new residence or aging electrical outlets replaced. Homes often require additional electrical outlet wiring to meet the introduction of new appliances and equipment. 

Switch Wiring

Electrical switches control the power to exhaust or ceiling fans, appliances, any type of electronics, garbage disposals, and more. We perform electrical switch wiring for any appliance or equipment you need in your home. 

Electrical Wiring Throughout Your Home

There is no job too big or too small for Poss Electric. If you need any type of electrical wiring in Woodstock, GA, we are the company for you. Call us if you need:

Attempting electrical wiring without the proper training and qualifications is risky. It puts you at risk of injury—or worse—and can also cause damage to your property. Poss Electric is the expert in electrical wiring in Woodstock, GA.

All electrical wiring must be up to code and adhere to local ordinances. Poss Electric will ensure that all wiring we perform meets the National Electrical Code and all local ordinances. Your safety depends on it.


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Don’t trust your electrical wiring to anyone but the experts. Our electricians in Woodstock, GA are highly-qualified and experienced in all types of residential electrical wiring, including upgrades, maintenance, and emergencies. 

Not only do we provide superior workmanship but also excellence in customer service. Call Poss Electric today for expert electrical wiring in Woodstock, GA.