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Having Issues with Your Smart Meter? Call Poss Electric!

Georgia Power has replaced millions of traditional electricity meters with smart meters. The smart meter installations were designed to improve communication between customers and power companies. The update allows both parties access to more frequent information about the status of individual electrical systems.  

Smart meters do not always work seamlessly at first. Residents experiencing issues with their smart meter upgrade should reach out to a licensed electrician for assistance. Your meter can impact many aspects of your residential electrical system.

Poss Electric offers professional electrician services in the Woodstock, GA, area. If your residence has received a smart meter upgrade, we want to make sure the installation is working for you! 

Why are Smart Meters Useful?

Smart meters are not all that different from traditional meters. The biggest difference is that the power utility can remotely monitor smart meters. The communication improvements from this upgrade allow for a variety of benefits. 

Faster Power Restoration

When power is lost anywhere in the electric grid, it can be hard to trace the problem and pin down the affected area. Georgia Power can check smart meters remotely to ensure that they are working properly. This diagnostic allows for a more prompt response to outages. 

When the power goes out, Georgia power is able to recognize it and now has the opportunity to alert you.

If your smart meter is malfunctioning, these benefits may not be applicable. When your smart meter is having issues, call Poss Electric. We can service your entire electrical system, including your new smart meter! 

More Pricing Options

Your smart meter can do a lot more than continuously track your metered electrical usage. These updates collect additional information such as cumulative consumption, peak demand, alarm flags, and more. 

With increased awareness of your energy use, you can see your utility expenses much sooner than the end of your billing cycle. Current and future pricing rates can be provided by Georgia Power. This provision allows customers to have a more accurate perspective of their utility pricing options. 

Reduction in Resource Use

Since someone is no longer required to physically read the meter at your home, the number of vehicles on the road is minimized, reducing pollution, decreasing traffic, and improving fuel savings.

Smart meters have taken many vehicles off the road. This setup also means that residents will have a significantly reduced number of property visits from the electric company. 

The best way to receive the benefits of this modern meter is to ensure it is working properly with your system. Your meter update is a change within your electrical system. If issues arise with the new installation, our team wants to address them.

Common Problems with Smart Meter Upgrades

Smart meters use wireless radio signals to communicate. The information on your smart meter will remain private. Homeowners should receive a mailed notice of the upgrade prior to installation. You also may receive a call to notify you of the change. 

While smart meters offer great benefits in terms of user-friendliness, a licensed electrician should handle all smart meter adjustments. There are some commonly experienced problems with the power distribution of the meters. 

Safety Concerns for Improper Power Supply

Your electrical system requires different amounts of power depending on your current appliance and general energy use. When your electrical system is overloaded, an improper amount of power can cause serious damage to your wiring, outlets, and appliances. 

New Electrical Installations

When a new installation is added to your residential electrical system, a qualified electrician should inspect it. Your meter links your electrical system with company utility lines. Poss Electric provides residential electrical power and safety inspections to homes in the Woodstock, GA, area. 

The improper power supply can cause: 

  • Power surges
  • Wiring damage
  • Fire hazards
  • Appliance damage
  • Increased energy usage

While Georgia Power is responsible for the maintenance of smart meters, many components connected to this meter are a part of your home electrical system. If your smart meter is experiencing issues, there are likely functionality and safety issues within your home’s wiring. 

Call Poss Electric!

Poss Electric provides full electrical services in the Woodstock, GA, area. We value our customers and want to offer solutions to all of your electrical needs. Our team offers affordable solutions once we troubleshoot your problems. We can address your smart meter issues with professional and friendly service. 

Your meter reflects your entire residential electrical use. If you are experiencing problems with the power in your home following a smart meter installation, Poss Electric is ready to help. When you receive a letter notifying you of an upcoming installation, give us a call, and we will check your installation! 


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