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Keep your cool when it heats up: 10 energy saving tips for the summer

Its summer time and electricity bills are soaring.  We haven’t even seen the dog days of August here in Atlanta yet so here are some tips to help reduce that electric bill while you try to keep your cool.

  • Set thermostat to 78° in the summer.  Expect up to a 5% increase in energy for every degree you go lower in the summer!
  • Seal air ducts, windows, exterior doors and other areas in your home that might leak air.
  • Set water heater temperature to 120° and wrap electric water heaters with an insulated blanket.  Read instructions thoroughly and ensure this will not void the warranty.
  • Replace air filters once a month and every 3 months if you have pleated filters.
  • Install storm windows or double-paned replacement windows.  These windows also decrease the noise that enters your home!
  • Have your heating and cooling systems professionally inspected and serviced to have them running as efficiently as possible.
  • Check that refrigerator and freezer seals are in good condition and that you fill them as much as possible. Look for energy saving labels when purchasing new appliances.
  • Change bulbs to high efficiency compact fluorescent/ LED bulbs. More information on energy efficient bulbs and their savings can be found at https://posselectric.com/change-bulbs-save .
  • Insulate your attic, floors, and stairs.  Check with your local building codes to see which insulation is right for your situation.
  • Consider installing an attic fan.

With these few tips you can reduce your energy bill up to 40%. You will keep your home comfortable and save money and energy!


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