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Ice: An electrical service hazard

Early weather forecasts were calling for possible snow tomorrow in North Atlanta areas. Quick – to the store! Buy all of the milk and bread you can! So, that was my attempt at funny but bad weather can be serious and dangerous. It’s that time of year, so be in the know.

Most winter weather precipitation in North Atlanta (and surrounding areas) potentially carry the threat of ice. We all rush to the store to buy food and supplies because ice has the ability to completely shut down a city for days due to the hazards they present. One in particular is the ices capacity to weigh down tree branches and electrical lines and poles. Generally it is a tree or large branch, unable to bear the great weight of the frozen accumulation, that will break suddenly, crashing down on whatever is below including cars, houses, and yes, electrical lines.

It is very important that you stay away from downed power lines as they present a serious shock hazard. Call 911 to report a fallen power line. Professionals from the power companies will be sent to the affected area. But did you know that power companies are only responsible for the wire to the point of connection? Many residential homes here in North Atlanta have connection at the weather head (overhead service) as shown below.

Unfortunately, natural disasters don’t have prejudice. Falling debris can just as easily fall on your property causing damage that you will be responsible for. The photo below shows a meter and service ripped right off the side of the house due to a fallen limb.

In the event this happens you will need to contact your insurance company and then call Poss Electric for superior service. In most cases we can reinstall the service in a day. However, prevention is your best and cheapest option. Make sure trees and debris are cut back from your electrical lines.

Be prepared and stay warm this winter.


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