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Electrical Safety Tips For This Summer

Electrical Safety

Stay Safe This Summer with These Electrical Safety Tips

Summer is the time to let off steam and have fun. After all, who can resist a hot, sunny day by the pool?

But early in the season it’s important to be smart about your electrical system. For what? Because in summer you spend most of your time outside. That means you’ll spend more time on the water and with your outdoor electrical. And without proper safety precautions, mixing the two can be very dangerous!

Do you want to improve your electrical safety? Check out these helpful safety tips to stay safe and have an enjoyable, carefree summer.



  • Keep toys and electronic devices out of the water. Don’t create a dangerous situation!
  • Make sure all electrical connections to pools and tubs are grounded. Ungrounded connections can cause an electric shock. Contact us to have one of our electricians ensure these connections are properly grounded.
  • Install ground fault circuit breakers (GFCI) for all outlets near water. These highly sensitive sockets quickly detect changes in electrical current. They trip and cut off power, potentially saving you from electrocution. If your home does not have outdoor GFCIs, our electricians can install them for you.
  • Know where your circuit breakers are located. You never know when an emergency may arise and you need to turn off the power.
  • Whenever possible, use battery-powered electronic devices outdoors.
  • Have your outdoor electrical equipment checked annually by a electrical professional.


  • Approach a power line. Always assume that any power line is live and it is dangerous to approach it.
  • Allow children to climb trees near power lines. If the branch comes into contact with the power line, it can be dangerous for anyone touching the tree.
  • Touch a toy or electrical device when wet.
  • Swim during a thunderstorm. Water and electricity never mix!
  • Use indoor extension cords outdoors.


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Here are some ways we can help you with your electrics:

FAQs regarding electrical safety tips for this summer:

Q: What are some of the most common electrical hazards in the summer?

A: Some of the most common electrical hazards in the summer include:

  • Electrical shocks: Electrical shocks can occur when someone comes into contact with an electrical current. This can happen if someone touches a live wire, an electrical appliance that is not properly grounded, or a water source that is in contact with an electrical current.
  • Electrical fires: Electrical fires can occur when an electrical appliance or circuit overheats. This can happen if an appliance is overloaded, if there is a short circuit, or if there is a defect in the appliance or circuit.
  • Electrical injuries to children: Children are especially vulnerable to electrical injuries because they are curious and may not understand the dangers of electricity. Children should be supervised at all times when they are near electrical appliances or outlets.


Q: What are some things I can do to stay safe from electrical hazards this summer?

A: Here are some things you can do to stay safe from electrical hazards this summer:

  • Inspect electrical cords and outlets before use. Make sure that they are not damaged or frayed.
  • Keep electrical cords away from water. Water and electricity do not mix, so it is important to keep electrical cords away from water sources.
  • Use GFCI outlets in wet areas. GFCI outlets (ground fault circuit interrupters) can help to prevent electrical shocks.
  • Don’t overload circuits. Overloading circuits can cause electrical fires.
  • Never touch electrical appliances with wet hands. Water conducts electricity, so it is important to never touch electrical appliances with wet hands.
  • Keep electrical appliances away from children. Children should not be allowed to play with electrical appliances.
  • Have your electrical system inspected regularly by a qualified electrician. This will help to ensure that your electrical system is safe and up to code.


When it comes to your electrics, a little knowledge goes a long way. Taking these proactive steps can make a vital contribution to keeping everyone safe. And if you’re not sure where your electricity is or how to improve it, our licensed electricians are here to help. Call Poss Electric today at (770) 741-1878 to schedule an electrical service for your residential homes in the Woodstock or Canton, Georgia area this summer.


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